P5 2021-2022

P5 Term 3 update

It has been a busy term for Primary 5! Here is a look back at some of the things we have been learning.


We are just finishing up our fractions, decimals and percentages topic. We have been learning to compare and order fractions, find equivalent fractions, find a fraction of a whole number and convert between improper and mixed fractions. We have also been making links between our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages.

Our next topic in maths will be time!


We finished our cultural world topic, writing some excellent poems using Scots language. We also wrote some newspaper articles about mythical creatures with Miss Berube and even wrote some instructional writing based on the winter Olympics. We are enjoying reading our new class novel, the BFG and using this to learn new reading strategies.

This term we will be linking our taught writing to Mary Queen of Scots and the BFG.


Our new topic is “Our Historical World”. Primary 5 are focusing on Mary Queen of Scots. So far, we are loving this topic. We have learned about key events in Mary’s life and her family tree. We are looking forward to learning more about this important person in Scotland’s history.


Our Winter wonderland theme for our latest active adventure day was such good fun – the snowball fights was one of the highlights! We also got to experience the bike road show again, in better weather conditions this time!

Getting to taste some Scottish food and drinks was such good fun! We were keen participants in our whole school Burns competition!

We are looking forward to swimming starting soon!