P4 2022-2023

Welcome to P4

Welcome everyone to P4. We already had a few busy weeks. We started by learning to use our Google Classroom, Rising Stars website and Education City for our learning.

  •  What I need for school 

School uniform for all days except PE days (shorts/tracksuit, trainers, t- shirt – no football kits) 

Rads – trainers and school uniform. 

Water bottle, fruit for healthy morning snack

  • Homework

Homework will be shared after the September Holidays

Homework will be shared on Google Classroom on Mondays and should be returned by Friday every week

Homework activities:

Education City

My Rising Stars

Spelling words


This term we will be learning to create different genres of writing such as letters and posters. We will be learning to use the Rising Stars website for our reading.


This term we are working on numbers. We are learning to write, read, order and sequence numbers, and to find them on a number line. We will also learn to round numbers, use chimney sums for addition and subtraction and about place value.

Health and Wellbeing

This term we created our class charter. We spoke about children’s rights. We also discussed our targets in learning and our strengths.

Interdisciplinary Learning- Helping others in society

We will work on learning about charity organizations such as Macmillan and Instant Neighbour. We will organise Harvest food collection at school, collect items and donate them to Instant Neighbour. We will also take part and prepare a Macmillan coffee morning in our class.

Harvest food collection in St Peter’s School starts on 12th September.


This term we take part in RADS sessions on Mondays and PE lessons on Tuesdays. During PE lessons we are learning about hockey.