P3 2022-2023

Welcome to P3

The boys and girls in P3 have done a great job at settling into their new class. We have learned lots last few weeks. Here is what we have been learning:


In literacy we have looked at some sounds from last year like : ue in rescue, aw as in jaw, oi as in coin, ph as in dolphin, ch as in cheese and sh as in ship. As for writing we practice writing every day, we write about what we did at the weekend, what we like, what we don’t like etc. In taught writing we wrote a postcard to a friend and an imaginary story.


In Maths we are learning numbers to 1000. So far we have practiced number order, counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s and we have just started looking at place value.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE every Thursday morning are very busy learning how to play tennis. On Wednesday morning we work with Callum in RADS, focusing on speed and agility.

Interdisciplinary Learning

In IDL we are learning where we come from. Each week we look at one country we come from, so far we learned about India, France and Poland.


Homework will be shared after the September Holiday.

Homework will be shared on Google Classroom on Monday and should be completed by Friday every week.

Homework activities:

Education city- Maths and Phonics

My rising stars- Reading