Junior Road Safety Officers

Our JRSO Officers have been heavily involved in raising road safety awareness. They have worked hard to ensure that all pupils in our school are aware of road safety, especially now that the seasons are changing and darker mornings and nights are ahead!

Our Work So Far

October 2022 – Our JRSOs contacted Road Safety Scotland. We were sent ‘Ziggy’s Little Books For Home’ for all primary 1 children. This is a resource for the pupils and their parents to use at home, raising awareness of road safety.

November 2022 – At assembly we made a presentation on Road Safety In The Dark. With Bonfire Night approaching, we wanted to ensure that all our pupils knew how to be safe around roads and vehicles, especially when it is dark outside!

Road Safety Week is on the 14th to the 20th November 2022. Our JRSO team are busy preparing for this important event and look forward to updating the website soon.