P4 2022-2023

Welcome to term 3.


Term 3 in P4 is going to be very busy. In January we are learning about Scotland. We are discussing diffrent Scottish symbols and things we associate with Scotland. We also started preparing our own Doric- English dictionary. During our learning in class we are practising a Scottish poem Doctor by J.K Annand.

We are singing Scottish songs in class. The Scottish songs that we are focusing on are Baloo Baleerie and My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean. We are also beginning to practise ceilidh dancing- Strip the Willow and Canadian Barn Dance.


During numercy lessons we have started learning about fractions. We are lerning to find fractions of objects, shapes and quantities.


This term we will start preparing to our First Communion. We will be discussing different stories from the Bible and their meaning. We will also practise prayers and engage in the discussions about the importance and meaning of the Holy Sacraments.


We are continuing to develop our football skills during RADS lessons, and we will also participate in swimming lessons at the Backsburn swimming pool. We are very excited to start swimming lessons soon.


In January we will focus in writing on different kinds of poetry. During reading lessons we will continue to work on our reading skils, fluency and comprehension. We will also start reading our first class novel this year The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo.


All the pupils of St Peter’s were invited to take part in our very own Burns competitions. We have 3 different competitions—poetry, art and music, that we are preparing for. We started preparing our Scottish themed art pieces.