P2/3 2022-2023

P2/3: Term 3

Happy new year and welcome back to P2/3 after a busy Term 2. The children engaged with a variety of learning experiences linked to our Performers and Performances IDL context. The class wrote their own invitations, inviting families to come and watch their performance of ‘The Bossy King”. They worked hard to learn the songs and actions for this Nativity performance.

Christmas Party

We had so much fun playing party at our Christmas party. We played pass the parcel, had a dancing competition and played musical statues. We also had a yummy snack and wore tinsel hats!


This term we will begin to learning about letter writing, linked in to our IDL context for learning of Scotland (Our Global World). Children will also be developing a range of reflective reading skills through our class novels “Pumpkin Soup” and “Pipkin of Pepper”, where they will inferring, summarising, visualising and creating in line with these books. Children will continue to have Read Write Inc – Learning to Read lessons four times a week and will apply concepts from this in their writing lessons, such as using Fred Talk and Fred Fingers.


This term we have started learning about money. We have been working on recognising coins, ordering them by value and adding coins. We will also be making amounts, finding different ways to make the same amount using different coins, finding totals and giving change. To support learning, the children have been doing a great job of accessing materials available to them in the classroom – such as using number lines and Numicon. Later on in the term, we will be looking more at Addition and Subtraction and Data Handling.


In Science this term we have started to learn about Body Systems. We have been learning about the importance of our skeleton and the key parts it is made up of. We have also looked at the role of different organs in the body and the ones that are protected by the skeleton.