Eco Committee

Eco Group meeting

On 17th February we took part in Pupils’ Voice Eco Group meeting.  We took minutes of our meeting and planned our next steps. 

During our meeting we found out what Global Citizenship is, and wrote how we understand it in our own words. We also learned that Aberdeen is a Fairtrade city and discussed what that means. You can learn more about it here. We took notes about our findings in the Environmental Review, which we continue to complete in our preparation for getting a Green Flag for the school. A group of learners also began researching the possibilities of recycling pens, which they shall continue during our next meeting and will present their findings then.

We took notes of our next steps for our next meeting which entailed: completing next part of Environmental Review, enquiring about Fairtrade and means of transport that pupils use when travelling to school, distributing winning posters for ‘ switch off the lights’ and ‘turn off the tap’ to every classroom at school.