P3 2022-2023

Term 3



Term 3 in P3 is going to be very busy. In January we are learning about Scotland. We will learn different Scottish songs and dances and during our learning in class we will learn to recite a Scottish poem The Loch Ness Monster by J.K Annand.

During Numeracy lessons we have started learning about fractions. We are learning to find fractions of objects, shapes and quantities. In Numeracy we will also learn how to read time. We will make our own clocks and we will learn what am and pm means.


This term we will start preparing to the Sacrament of First Confession. We will be discussing different stories from the Bible and their meaning. We will also practise prayers and engage in the discussions about the importance and meaning of the Holy Sacraments.


We are continuing to develop our football skills during RADS lessons. In PE we will also look at dance and how to dance Scottish dances like The Flying Scotsman.


In January in writing we will focus on different kinds of poetry. During reading lessons we will continue to work on our reading skills, fluency and comprehension. We will also start reading our first class novel this year ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by R.Dahl.


All the pupils of St Peter’s were invited to take part in our very own Burns competitions. We have 3 different competitions—poetry, art and music, that we are preparing for. We started preparing our Scottish themed art pieces.


In IDL this month we are learning about Malawi!

As part of our IDL this term P3 took part in many active and engaging activities. Learners took part in learning African dances such as Waka Waka and Jerusalema in class. They also participated in dance workshop prepared by a group of parent volunteers. We showcased our learning during assembly to which we invited all the parents and carers.