P4 2022-2023

P4 2022/2023

This has been a very busy and eventful year for P4 in St Peter’s. We learned many new things, developped our skills and knowledge.

We took part in RADS festival at the ASV, in the Big Sing at Duthie park and many other events. We developped our skills by perticipating in creating clay pottery, drumming, cooking at school and learning to dance African dances and Scottish ceilidh dancing.

P4 also took active part in preparing assemblies. Learners showcased their knowledge of the Bible by preparing an assembly about The Prodigal Son, and invited parents to an open class event to present their learning about the Vikings. We learned the songs fron 1960s and performed them on the stage for all the parents during ‘Through the Decades’ show.

We were very fortunate to work on ‘Roots of Empathy’ with Mrs Kelman, baby James and his mum. We discussed milestones achieved by baby James every time we met him, and learned about our feelings and emotions.

We celebrated the Holy Communion and our growth as members of the Catholic community.

P4 class also organised food collection at school and cooperated with the Instant Neighbour to deliver the donations to those in need.

All the learners worked very hard this year on developing their skills in reading, writing and numeracy. Most importantly, we built friendships and supported each other in work and play.

We hope that everyone will have safe and joyful summer holidays!!