P2 2023-2024

P2 class news.

P2 have settled very well into their new P2 class.

Our first context for learning this term is “We belong at St Peter’s”. P2 have been using the book “Our class is a family” as a stimulus for our learning. We have been learning about the similarities and differences between us. We enjoyed learning how to be a good team member during one of our P.E. lessons.

In our writing lessons, we have been learning to write personal non-fiction books, using our context as a stimulus. We have written individual books about our own families, a whole class book about why each of us are unique, and individual books about how to play team games.
Next we will be learning to write instructions during a functional writing block. These writing lessons will also link with our next IDL context for learning; Inventors and Inventions.

As part of our IDL context for learning, we have all been giving personal talks to the rest of the class about something that is special to us. We have enjoyed listening to our classmates talk about something that is special to them. We have also been learning to ask each other questions related to our talks.

In maths we have been learning about whole numbers to 100. We have enjoyed using a range of materials, including numicon and tens and units blocks, to help us to represent these numbers. We have now moved on to drawing tens and units to represent the materials.
We will continue to investigate whole numbers for the next few weeks.

Once a week we enjoy a shape lesson. We are currently learning about 2D shapes. We will also learn about 3D shapes before the October holidays.

Health and Wellbeing.
With Mrs Kelman we are learning about keeping safe. We have been learning about how to store our food safely to avoid bacteria.
In P.E. lessons we have been learning about different ways to move our bodies. We have also been learning about the importance of working well as a team. We also enjoy our weekly RADS lesson.

In our R.E. lessons we have been learning about the different ways that we participate in R.E. at school. We wrote our own class prayer for the start of year and participated very well in our start of year Mass with Fr Gabor. On the 8th of September, the day we celebrate Mary’s birthday, we learned about why she is special.

Take a look at some photos of our learning.