P3/4 2023-2024

Maths Week Scotland in P3/4

All the children in St Peter’s school took part in Maths Week Scotland. We had many activities planned for the whole week to develop our numeracy skills. P3/4 enjoyed all the tasks including outdoor learning, using digital resources and tasks in class.

We had a lot of fun during Maths in Motion activities in the hall, which were designed by the P7s. We also had Maths in motion RADS session.

We took part in the coin trail and tried to estimate the amount of coins collected.

Using our knowledge of shapes and cubism, we created Mathasso art.

We had daily maths challenges and tried to solve them using our numeracy skills.

Having a Maths Active Adventure Day was an amazing way to finish our Maths Week Scotland. We did so many fun things on the day including baking, measuring and weighing.

Congratulations to everyone in P3/4 for the amount of effort they put into every challenge, for persevering and trying to solve many numeracy tasks.