Primary 1 blue class news

Congratulations to all of the primary ones for their superb swimming during the last four week swimming block at the aquatic centre! The children all worked very hard in the swimming pool and had lots of fun learning to swim. The instructors were very impressed with all the children and each child received a certificate to celebrate their achievements in the pool.

Last week the children were learning the oo sound in phonics lessons. Next week the sound will be “ck“. During week beginning 25th May, we will not be learning any new sounds as we will be consolidating the sounds “ee“, “oo” and “ck“. Week beginning 1st June, we will be learning the sound “ai“.
The children are continuing to work very hard to learn their spelling words and to use them in their writing tasks.

Next week the spelling words will be “make“, “like” and “made“. Week beginning 25th May, we will be consolidating the most recent spelling words before moving on to learning the words “said“, “big” and “could” during week beginning 1st June.


The children have been working very hard in maths lessons where they are learning about money.
Last week they were learning about different coins. The children were sorting and matching coins. They also started to pay for items within 10p using 1p coins.
This week the children are learning to add up 1p, 2p and 5p coins to make values up to 10p. The children have enjoyed playing shops in the class.
Over the next two weeks the children will continue to develop their confidence in adding coins together. They will also start to make change from 10p.

Peter Bear has been very busy, giving us lots of challenges! Last week we had to find out how many different ways we could dress the teddy bear. We worked very hard in groups to dress the teddy bear and record the different outfits that he had.
We have been learning about old fashioned and modern toys.
On Friday, we had a special visit from a P5 pupil who played “Teddy bears picnic” to us on his tuba! We are looking forward to him coming back to play for us again, once we have learned the words so that we can sing along!


We have been investigating plants in science. The children learned about the different parts of a plant and what is needed in order to make plants grow. On Friday some P7’s came to help us to plant bean seeds. We are looking forward to watching them grow!

Health week.
This week is “Health week”. Our focus is the body and our muscles. We will be looking how exercise helps to keep us healthy. The children will be trying out a variety of activities which they can do to keep themselves healthy. We will also be learning about our muscles, bones and teeth.

We enjoyed having the Pied Pipers of Harding visit us this morning. They sang songs and told us stories. It was lots of fun. Some of us even got to join in with them!