Primary 2 Class News

Hello from Primary 2!

We have been having lots of fun learning about plants in our new ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ topic. We conducted an experiment to see how plants absorb water. We put some celery into a beaker of blue water. We were really excited to see parts of the celery turn blue as it absorbed the water!

We have also been learning all about what plants need to grow. We planted cress seeds and tried to grow them in different conditions. We found out that plants need warmth, sunlight and water to grow.

We are busy planting beans and will be creating a bean diary. Some of our beans have already started to grow! We are really excited to see them growing. We are trying to guess whose bean will grow the tallest!

We had great fun digging for worms! We have been learning about how worms help plants to grow by mixing the soil. They create lots of tunnels which help water and oxygen to get into the soil!

We were really busy during Health Week! We learnt all about how to make sure we eat a balanced diet. We were really active and took part in a football lesson from the Russell Anderson Football Academy.



We also made really tasty banana cars with Miss Johnson.


It’s not long until we go on our trip to Aden Country Park on Tuesday 23rd June. Thank you to all parents who have said they are able to come and help us. Children will need a packed lunch provided either from home or school (as indicated on the trip return slip). They must wear sensible shoes as well as take a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather. We plan to do lots of exciting activities such as a scavenger hunt, leaf rubbings, drawing, parachute games, visit the farming museum and lots more! We hope the weather stays sunny and warm!