P4 Class News

Aberdeen Youth Games Trip!

On the 29th May P4 arrived at the Aberdeen Sports Village, ready for the Aberdeen Youth Games. We were all very excited!

We took part in a wide variety of sports activities, from basketball to tennis. There were many other children from different schools and all of P4 were proud to represent St.Peters.

We enjoyed playing games like bin-ball at the exhibitions. We also met some weight-lifters, who told us about all the different poses and gave us tips.

The Aberdeen Youth Games is all about taking part in sport. We played different activities for the different kinds of sports, like basketball, tennis, badminton and athletics.

The Best Bits:

  • Exhibitions, which were really fun to watch and do
  • Lunch. We all got very hungry after running, jumping and throwing!
  • Athletics, which was P4`s favourite sport. It included long jump and javelin throwing.

After all our sporty activities, we had a closing ceremony, which was fun but noisy!  Then, everyone who came and took part got a medal. We were all very pleased to come, and we hope to go again next year!

Mr Gibb did a fantastic job helping us, and Primary 4 had a great day out!

We also want to thank Hugh for being our coach, and Jamie and Hilary for helping us prepare for this special event.

By Vera, Filip, Sughan and Mateusz


P4 Tennis with Emma.

P4 get a tennis visit from Emma every Tuesday for 5 weeks.

Every Tuesday at 1.15pm, P4 get tennis lessons. For the first week we had fun and played 2 games. The second week was fun as well and we played pirates and normal tennis. Most of P4 like the games Emma teaches us to play. P4 are looking forward to next week’s tennis lesson.

The Best Bits:

  1. Tennis was fun and our favourite game was pirates.
  2. When we played tennis, our class liked learning to play and it was really fun.
  3. At the end we were bouncing a ball on our tennis racquets. We had a brilliant time together.

By Harriet, Dawid, Fatima, Karolina & Karina.


The Money Shop

P4 have been learning how to use money in maths.  We have been adding and subtracting money.  When we had 2 people coming to our school, they made up this fun activity called “The Money Shop”.  It was really fun because we got to buy stuff from a shopping list.  We bought stuff like carrots, apples, chocolate bars and many more.  IT WAS SO COOL!

The Best Bits:

  • It was cool being a customer because you could pay with notes and coins – just like real money!
  • Being a shopkeeper was better than being a customer!
  • It was also fun writing on the whiteboards!

By Justin, Rachel, Caleb and Oskar.


Russell Anderson visits St. Peter’s

Russell Anderson taught us football. He taught us good reflexes like stretches and balances. He taught us how to dribble and how to do ‘tip taps’ with a football. He taught us to do sidesteps with a football and showed us to run on the spot for a warm up. At the end we all got a photo with Russell Anderson.

The Best Bits:

  1. Balancing the ball on our legs.
  2. Stretching our arms & legs.
  3. The tip taps and ‘keepy-uppies’.

By Nathan,Imdad,Jacob,Yusuf


The Sound Map

One sunny afternoon we all went out to the playground and sat in a quiet place and drew and wrote all the sounds we could hear.

We had to be really quiet and listen to all the sounds we could hear and then figure out what they were. I really enjoyed it.  I especially liked sitting in a quiet peaceful place and hearing the sound of birds chirping.

The Best Bits:

  1. We heard lots of interesting noises.
  2. It was peaceful and fun.
  3. It was tricky trying to draw the wind!

By:  Maja, Liane, Alba and Kamil.