January in P3 Red!

Happy New Year from us all in P3 Red!

It was great to see all the boys and girls again after the Christmas break and to hear all their news!

Topic: Our topic this term will be ‘Communication.’ During January we will be concentrating on Scottish inventors e.g. Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone and John Logie Baird who is famous for inventing the television.

We have already had great fun learning about sound vibrations and making our own ‘String Telephones!’









Language: We continue to learn new phonemes and common words every week.

This month’s phonemes are: ch (chorus)     se (cheese)    c (city)

Our common words are:    any    body    carry    along    story

back    bird    add    between    world

city    icy    face    place    more

We will continue with our weekly writing lessons, exploring many different genres. In grammar lessons we will be focusing on the use of commas.

Maths: We have been exploring money, looking at coins and notes and identifying ways to pay for items. We will be moving onto Hundreds, Tens and Units, looking at ‘chimney sums’ or ‘horizontal addition and subtraction.’

Homework: Homework will be issued on a Monday and should be returned on Friday. Please could all homework jotters be covered.

Gym: Children are learning some Scottish dances to perform at our school ceilidh on Wednesday 27th January. Please ensure all children have a gym kit in school.

Irish Folk Dance - Bing Images: Dance Bing, Picture, Baby Dance, Traditional Weddings, Dance Baby, Wedding Music


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