Happy New Year from P2 Blue

Welcome back to P2 Blue! I hope you have all had a joyful Christmas and a well deserved break.
It’s great to have everybody back and it has been lovely to see how much all of our children have grown in the first couple of terms!

We got off to a lovely start with our topic on Scotland. The boys and girls have been learning some exciting information about some of our castles in Scotland and there will be plenty more fun lessons to come.

We will continue to learn a new sound every week in class. Please continue to have learning conversations about our phonemes which you can find on our homework every Monday. It’s also very important for our children to be secure in their words of the week as it gives them great confidence in their reading and writing.

This is a useful website for practising sounds


If it is not feasible to return homework to me by Friday every week, please don’t worry and send it in on Monday.(Sorry it was out on Tuesday this week as we had a super busy Monday!)


We will continue to get 2 new books every week once we get fully settled back in and keep an eye out for independent readers which are sent home for your child’s enjoyment and not as an extra homework task!

This term in science we have been learning about the solar system. Here are some songs and videos to help you learn all about the planets


We have been consolidating our addition and subtraction since coming back from the holidays and we will soon be moving on to the topic of money in maths.


We have been learning to be a good audience and have been having great fun acting out some old Scottish tales.

I’m sure you will all agree that the boys and girls did a wonderful job in our school show ‘A Miracle in Town’

Congratulations on your achievement

Also, a big thanks to parents who came to help us get ready for our Christmas activities (craft decorations, shortbread baking and Christmas tree decorating) in December.

We also had a lovely afternoon for our Christmas party, spirits were high! 🙂

If parents would like to help out, please let me know and we can make arrangements!

Thats all for now. Keep up the lovely work at home and thank you for all your support,


Best Wishes,

Miss Corby and P2 Blue 🙂