Happy New Year from P3 Blue!

Happy New Year from Primary 3 Blue. We hope you enjoyed the holidays. It is great to see everyone so happy to be back at school and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.

This is what we will be learning during the next few weeks.

Phonics: Our new sounds will be ‘ch’ (as in chorus), ‘se’ (as in cheese) and ‘c’ (as in city). We will also be consolidating previous phonemes as well as assessing our ability to recognise and use the sounds we have learnt throughout Primary 3 so far.

Learn the ‘Soft c’ or the ‘ch’  with Geraldine the Giraffe!  

Our new spelling words will be –  any, body, carry, along, story, back, bird, add, between, world, city, ice, face, place and more. 

Maths:  We have already started our new topic on money. We have explored how a total can be made in different ways as well as paying  for an item using the fewest coins. In the coming weeks we will be applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction for payments and change up to £1.

Have a go at some of these money games. Play ‘Igloo Shopping‘ to practise paying for items using different coins. Have a go at being the shopkeeper in ‘Till we meet again’ and see if you can work out the correct change!

Topic: Our new topic is Communication! We will be looking at different ways in which we communicate and will research the lives of people who have contributed to the world of communication. This week we have started learning about the famous Scot ‘Alexander Graham Bell’.  In science we will be investigating sound and how it travels as well as conducting different experiments linked to this. In technology we will be designing a communication product of the future and using junk models to create and present our ideas to the class. We are really looking forward to it!

Swimming: We are really lucky to have been given the opportunity to have swimming lessons at the Aquatics Centre every Tuesday for five weeks. We really enjoyed our first lesson! Please remember to bring swimming kit and a towel in a waterproof bag.  As we walk both to and from the Aquatics Centre, it is really important to wrap up warm and ensure the children have a waterproof jacket and sensible outdoor shoes. A special thank you to parents who have volunteered to accompany us. We really appreciate your help!


Well Done to all of Primary 3 Blue for all their hard work and enthusiasm for their performance of ‘A Miracle in Town’. They did a fantastic job!

In P.E we have been learning about balance and control. 

 Look at us performing different balances on the beam!

Last term our topic was time.  

We learnt how to tell the time to 5 minute intervals!

We have also been learning how to sew with Mrs Croxon. It has been great fun. We enjoyed creating our own patterns.

We had great fun reading the story of ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss.

We made our own Lorax borders and then produced a piece of writing to encourage people to look after the environment.

Miss Webb and Primary 3 Blue