9th September

P3 have been very busy for thepast 3 weeks learning about 3D and 2D shapes. We have learned the properties of 3D shapes and also looked for 3D shapes in our classroom. We used straws and play dough to make some of the 3D shapes. Here are the pictures of us finding and making the shapes.

In Maths this week P3 are learning about patterns and tiling using 2D shapes. We will then proceed to learn about the lines of symmetry, position and movement.

In mental maths we revised the 2 times table and we will now move on to 10 and 5 times table.

In literacy we have been revising phonemes from P2 which were: ow, oi, ue, au, ew, igh, y, ou.

Education City has also now been updated and is ready to be used. Several games have been set for the boys and girls to play with and to reinforce  what they have learned in maths and literacy.

Our topic is The Sea and Seashore and we are going to explore Aberdeen beach after  Tech-Fest workshops that are taking place at the Beach Ballroom.