P1 Red News November

Hello from Primary 1 Red.

We have been really busy learning lots of fun and exciting things.


We have been learning some basic addition and subtraction skills. We have been singing maths songs and rhymes and using our whiteboards, cubes, dinosaurs and other materials to help us learning about ‘taking away’ and to begin to write number sentences.

We have been learning about flat 2d shapes and solid 3d shapes. We have had lots of fun building towers with our shapes, using our shapes to design pictures and making our shapes from marshmallows and cocktail sticks.



During this term we will continue to develop our  addition and subtraction skills and we will begin to learn about money in our class toy shop.


We have been learning the initial letter sounds; r.d.e.c.k and the two letter sound ck.

We have been continuing to use the ‘Jolly Phonics‘ stories, jingles and actions to help us with our learning. We have been using the jolly phonics app on our I-pads to help us with our learning. We have practised writing and forming our letters  and have been using our magnetic boards to blend our sounds together to create our green words.


We will be learning the sounds g.l.f.o.b.u.f.w.

We have started our reading lessons and all the children have been enjoying starting to read and have been trying really hard during our lessons.

During our writing this term we are writing about what we like, see and think about different videos we have been watching. The children have produced some wonderful writing about Autumn, a giant granny and Timmy the sheep.


In Science, we worked with Mrs Jadid to investigate the temperature that water freezes to make ice. We used thermometers to measure the temperature. We have started to learn about the different forces that move things, such as pushing and pulling.

We have had lots of fun making leaf rubbings and pictures and exploring our environmental garden.


Our topic this term is toys. We found a toybox in our class that had a hole nibbled in the corner. We found out that this was Kipper the dog’s toybox and that he had lost his favourite toy. We talked about what we would put into our toybox. We will be writing about our favourite toys and we will be learning about old and new toys and about games people played in the past and in other countries.


We are looking forward to Advent and all of the celebrations coming up for Christmas including our Christmas Fayre on Saturday December 3rd. We are practising hard for the Nativity play. The children are working very hard to learn and perform all the songs and are looking forward to sharing the Nativity with you.