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2016-2017 Pupil Council

St. Peter’s RC Pupil Council

A Pupil Council is one way of giving pupils a say in the way the school is run.

A Pupil Council gives pupils a VOICE in school matters.

A Pupil Council gives pupils an opportunity to talk about feelings to each other and to our teachers.

A Pupil Council gives pupils a chance to make changes for the better in their school.

A Pupil Council gives pupils a forum for discussion.

Why have a Pupil Council?

Children have Rights.

The United Nations convention on the Rights of the child states in article 12- “children have the right to express the views they have and those views should be listened to in anything that affects them”.

  • gets us involved – education should be done with us not to us.
  • gives all pupils a chance to talk about things they are unhappy about (and happy!)
  • gets good ideas from pupils.
  • helps to make us pupils feel we are part of the school team.
  • helps keep us happy.

Our Pupil Council will discuss ideas in ways to improve our school.  Each Council member will be the voice for their class and get their ideas.

If you have any ideas to help improve our school, example playground, toilets, dinner hall etc. then please speak with your pupil council members and they will bring these ideas or concerns to our meetings.

What has St. Peter’s Pupil Council done in the past?

Issues of Playground

“P7 have football, others nothing”.

  • playground games chosen by pupil council
  • play leaders appointed.
  • lunchtime games now in operation – Rota done by Pupil Council

These are some of the issues the pupil council dealt with. There are also lots of little ones we have worked on successfully.

What kinds of things does a pupil council discuss?

The discussion points are varied.

  • food in the the dining hall.
  • after school clubs.
  • bullying.

Bullying is an issue most schools have to deal with at one time or another. Bullying can’t be allowed and can be a very upsetting experience. Pupil Council can give someone who feels they are being bullied a chance to put forward (quietly if they want) their concerns.