Welcome to P3 Blue!

We enjoyed watching “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” at the beginning of September. This helped us to think about what makes a good friend and we found adjectives to describe them. We created fact files about our own friends. Throughout the term, our writing will be linked to our topic. Pupils will be given opportunity each week to practise their writing skills freely through “Free Write Friday” to help inspire the budding authors in our class!

Each week we will revise or learn a blended phoneme which we will practise in class. We can also look out for our phonemes in our books or on signs when we are out and about.

Our phonemes for the term are:
Week 1 – /ue/, /aw/, /oi/
Week 2 – /au/, /ew/, /ow/
Week 3 – /ou/, /igh/, /y/
Week 4 – /i-e/, /o-e/, /e-e/
Week 5 -/a-e/, /u-e/, /ea/
Week 6 – /tch/
Week 7 – Consolidation

Each week we will also be learning four or five common words. These are words we will often find in our reading or class work and we are learning to spell them correctly.

Our Common words for the term are:
Week 1 – which, what, bring, long
Week 2 – three, again, these, people
Week 3 – too, school, some, never,
Week 4 – know, yellow, father, mother
Week 5 – each, year, away, always
Week 6 – another, watch, time, windy
Week 7 – Consolidation

This term we will be looking at number; what a number is made up of (units, tens, hundreds, thousands) and how we can order these numbers correctly. We will continue to learn how to add and subtract these numbers using a range of strategies. We will continue to practise and understand the 2x, 4x, 5x, and 10x tables.

In mental maths we will be using the strategies “counting on and back”, “partitioning” and  “partitioning – bridging through 10”. You can support your child by asking them about these strategies and having a go when travelling anywhere, walking or using transport. Little and often is good practice with mental maths to help improve mental agility and recall speed.

As a school we are looking at “Our Democratic World” during September, October and November. Primary 3 will be focusing on what makes us unique and how we play our part in our school and local community. We will be exploring this through the lens of R.E, art, social studies and science. We look forward to Parliament Week #UKPW in November.

In Health and Wellbeing lessons we will be using the SHANARRI wheel as a tool to guide our learning. So far we have learned about hand hygiene (Healthy) and why this is important. We have also been working on our Class Charter, thinking about our rights in the process. In. P.E we have started our football lessons with the RADS coaches who teach us technical skills as well as social skills to support and encourage each other. We have shown great enthusiasm in our sessions. Our class PE lessons with Miss Bennett will provide opportunities to explore  balance, control and movement. Class yoga sessions help us to calm down ; ask us some of the moves we have learnt already. We enjoy our breathing and relaxation exercises!

Homework will mostly be experience or discussion based. Its purpose is to give children a tool to interact with their families about what they have been learning in school. A jotter will be provided should your child wish to create or capture anything linked to their learning. Miss Bennett is also happy to receive work via Google and memory sticks if your child wishes to create a powerpoint or video.

Homework will be shared on a Monday and jotters are to be handed in by Friday. If for any reason this will be a problem, please see Miss Bennett at your earliest convenience. Homework will be shared via a Marvellous Me message. Please “High 5” the message to show you have received it. If you are having any problems with Marvellous Me, please see Miss Bennett.