Welcome to Primary 7

We started the term looking at and creating our Class Charter, referring to the United Nations Rights of the Child. We chose the most relevant ones for our classroom and we all added our handprint or a self portrait to say that we would respect each others’ rights.







We have been enjoying ukulele lessons with Mr Dawson, our music teacher.

Primary 7’s have also been busy looking after their  Primary 1 buddies.They are looking forward to helping at lunchtime next week.

We sat in the hall with our P1 buddies to see Phil of Booster Cushion performing “Goldilocks and the 3 Big Bears”. Some of us helped Phil to tell the story by dressing up in costumes. Well done everybody!

Our amazing tour guides greeted and gave a tour of our school to Professor George Boyne from Aberdeen University. He also visited our classroom and answered some of our questions. One of the interesting facts he told us was that there are 15,000 students and 3,000 people who work at the university. He also told us that he is from Aberdeen and went to a primary school that is no longer here, just off King Street.

Well done again to the four Primary 7’s who came along to the Fun Run on Tuesday to join with other Aberdeen schools and promote healthy lifestyles. You were very good representatives of St Peter’s.






Finally, here we are working on the Genius Hour topics of our choice. One group is learning about Morse Code, one group is focusing on pollution and its effects on marine animals and another on a style of drawing. We look forward to hearing the presentations towards the end of term when they share with the class what they have been learning.