Term 2 update

Welcome back to P6/7R. We have been busy working and learning since the start of Term 2 and have lots to report. Over the next few weeks of Term 2 and Term 3 we have Miss Deighton working in our class.


This term we are studying Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We began by sharing what we remember from working through this topic in previous years and Mr. McFadden shared what we would be covering this term. So far we have looked at the link between fractions, decimals and percentage. We have thought of examples of how we can apply what we learn in our daily life such as percentage discounts in shops, fractions when sharing and decimals when recording times. We are also exploring mixed numbers and improper fractions and we will be going on to addition and multiplication of fractions.


Every week we take part in different literacy activities which help to develop our writing, comprehension and talking and listening skills. We do reflective reading work which aims to improve literacy standards, reading attainment and motivation in reading for all. We want to put the magic back into reading through fun, engaging ideas and activities and create life-long readers with good reading habits, who enjoy and appreciate all kinds of texts from magazines to novels and everything in between! Through the Accelerated Reader, Project X and Book Detective schemes, we have different opportunities to read a range of texts. By sharing homework, presentations, debates and co-operative learning we have the chance to develop our talking and listening skills.

Health and Wellbeing

The Russell Anderson Soccer Academy visit every Tuesday and take the class through fitness and football activities. This is something we look forward to each week. Every second week we have P.E with Mrs. Armstrong and also have hall time each week with Mr. McFadden to take part in P.E activities.

Andy McKechnie taught us different ways to move to African rhythms. We were inspired by the story of Nelson Mandela and we thought about how readers are leaders. Andy taught us how to give a presentation confidently in an interesting way that holds the attention of the audience.

Every Thursday morning we take part in Health and Wellbeing activities with Mr. McFadden in our separate P6 groups and P7 groups. Our work is focused on the SHANARRI wheel (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included). Each week we do activities with a focus on one of the eight indicators. So far we have looked at ways in which we are Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured and Active. We enjoyed using different types of fruit to make smoothies.


Our Digital Technology project was a great context to explore coding and we learned a lot from our ‘Awesome Tech’ workshops with Martin and Phil when we built Rovers and used Raspberry Pis to navigate them on rocky terrains like Mars.

Cinderella and  Rockerfella

Our Panto this year is Cinderella and Rockerfella. We already have our roles and scripts out! We are very busy learning lines, actions, songs and dances. It’s lots of work but we’re confident of putting on a show that we can be proud of. Watch this space for more details and pictures of how we are getting on.


We thought about Mary and studied the Rosary during the month of October and in November we are remembering family members and people we may have known. We pray the Eternal Rest every day and have times for quiet reflection. We recently had a film crew filming our All Saints Day Mass and they interviewed us for their DVD to celebrate 100 years of Catholic education. It was an exciting day!


Homework continues to be handed out on Monday and taken in on Friday. The children have homework jotters but a lot of the homework is now ‘paperless’ and they can complete activities through their Google Classroom accounts. Their jotters they are always available if the children would prefer to complete tasks on paper.