P1 Blue

Primary 1 blue news.

The children have settled back into school very well after the October holidays. It was lovely to hear what they had been doing during the holidays.

Last week we were consolidating our knowledge of the phonics sounds that we have done so far; a, t, s, i, p, n, r, m, d, e, c, k. The children have been revising the correct formation of the letters and have been using the letters to make 3 letter words such as “sat“, “cat” and “red“.
We have been enjoying reading lots of books in class. Our favourite books are ones which have rhyming words in them. We have become great “rhyme spotters”.

This week we will learn the sounds g and l.

We had lots of fun learning about 2D and 3D shapes at the start of this term. We can identify and match a range of shapes.


We have started to learn about addition. We have been learning how to add sets of cubes together. We have enjoyed playing lots of addition games during maths time.


Our project this term is “People who help us”. At the start of term we thought about all the people who help us in our lives.
During the first week of term we were learning about “People who help us in school”. Mrs Li came into the class to talk to P1 blue and P1 red about what she does working in the office. We talked about the different people in school and how they help us. We made cards to say “Thank you” to the members of staff who help us in St Peter’s School.

Last week we had a visit from the dentist. Cath came and watched us brush our teeth, She was very happy with the way that the boys and girls brush their teeth after lunch.
Cath introduced us to her monster. We helped the monster to brush his teeth properly. Cath spoke to us about how to keep our teeth healthy. We learned that eating and drinking lots of sugar was bad for our teeth.Bookbug project. 
Alongside our “People who help us” project, we have been really excited to see the 3 stories in our Bookbug pack. Each week we read one of the stories and do some activities about the story.
Last week our story was “Gorilla loves Vanilla“. The boys and girls thought that the strange flavours of ice cream in the story were very funny! We enjoyed designing our own strange flavours of ice cream, drawing pictures of the animals in the story and learning about rhyming words.

This week our special story is called “Little Owl’s Egg“. Before we read the story, we spent some time looking at the front and back covers. We saw a strange looking blue egg on the cover. We tested our our prediction skills by drawing a picture of what we thought would be in the egg. We had lots of ideas – from crocodiles to penguins and even dinosaurs! Then we read the story to find out what was actually in the egg.
Our art lesson involved us creating our own collage owls.

Next week we will read our final book in the Bookbug pack. It has a great title – “The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee” !

Week beginning 27th November, we will have a celebration of the Bookbug books. We will read all the books again and then vote on our favourite book. Our votes will be sent in to the Bookbug project where they will be collected together with votes from Primary One children all over Scotland to decide on the winning book.
We will be having a celebration of the Bookbug project. There is a slip in your child’s bag and messages will be sent via Marvellous Me. We would love it if you were able to come into the class to join in with our celebration. Each child will be presented with their own copies of the three books. Enjoy!

Thank you to all parents who have signed up for “Marvellous Me”. It is a great tool for me to be able to share the children’s learning with you all. If you need a replacement letter with your code on it, please let me know.

Thank you
Miss MacDonald