P2 Red: Active Learning in February

Primary 2 are enjoying our new topic of ‘Schools in the Past’ and learning about the history of St Peter’s RC Primary School.Through science experiments, we are developing our understanding of the world we live in. Currently focusing on how volcanoes are created, we enjoyed making our own mini-volcanoes in class.


Our trip to the Central Library was a fantastic opportunity to develop our reading skills and learn about all the opportunities available for borrowing books. We were able to share books with our friends and parents as well as completing a book-themed treasure hunt. Thank you to the Central Library for planning such wonderful activities and all parents who were able to support us on our trip.


In literacy we have been developing our ability to use our imagination to make up stories to tell to our friends; supported by Story Telling Cards. We have been practising our phonics and spelling by making our words with straws, cubes, sand and play dough as well as writing silly sentences with our words.


Within our Religious Education we have been exploring Lent and why this time of year is important. We have been looking at the Liturgical Calendar and identifying our favourite time of year within it. This is helping us to develop our understanding of the Catholic faith.

We are focusing on measurement within maths and have enjoyed learning how to measure length, width and height in several different ways. We have become very confident using the vocabulary associated with length e.g. longer, shorter, taller.

Learning about Growth Mindset and developing our own Learning Pit has helped us view mistakes as a positive part of the learning process. Understanding our learning has helped us to accept the emotions that come with the challenges of learning.