P6/7 Blue April news

Welcome back to P6/7 Blue where we have dived straight back into our learning after the Easter holidays.







Three budding P7 mathematicians recently took part in the Primary Schools’ Enterprising Maths Challenge at Aberdeen University. They completed various Numeracy tasks throughout the day and displayed  phenomenal team work and great effort. Well done!!



We are all excited to be back in school and to be continuing our learning journeys.

In Numeracy, we are currently starting Algebra. We have been recapping on the four operations and BODMAS. We have added some rhyme to our learning in maths to help us remember, such as;


Hey diddle diddle, the Median’s the middle.

You add, then divide for the Mean.

The Mode is the most common one that you see,

and the Range is the difference between.

In literacy, we have almost finished our novel study ‘Wonder’. We are writing biographies and are enjoying researching people who interest and inspire us. We have learned about various features of biographies and will be looking at autobiography writing next.

In RE, P7 are in full preparation for Confirmation. P6 have been continuing with their Pope Francis Faith Awards. All students are using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide their self-reflections through this enlightening time in their lives.

We are learning some ukulele skills in music.

Looking forward to a busy but enjoyable term!!