P3 – Digital Learning Week and Outdoor Learning Day

Primary 3 took their measure lesson outdoors today where we explored measuring with the standard unit “metres”. First we estimated which team would be the longest and then measured our results. Next we used our technology skills to create a paper aeroplane and measure how far they could travel. Several pupils demonstrated their leadership skills during this session when sharing how to make their aeroplane travel further and how to measure the distance travelled.


For digital learning week we have been using technology to demonstrate our learning such as using i-pads for phonics and maths. After a member of our class created a Powerpoint for their Oceans homework, we all wanted to learn how to do this. As part of digital learning week, we took the opportunity to use the laptops to create a Powerpoint on plastics in our oceans. We look forward to working on these again and sharing our creativity. Our pupil class photographer did well at capturing the learning throughout the week.