P2 Red: May 2018

Primary 2 red have decided to start the daily mile. Running the daily mile is giving the pupils the opportunity to exercise and get some fresh air whilst providing a short brain break.


Through our outdoor spaces topic, focusing particularly on parks and gardens, we have been exploring our school environmental garden. We have been learning about animals’ habitats and have grown broad beans which we are looking forward to taking home soon. P2 Red are excited about visiting Seaton Park to explore outdoor spaces further.

 We have been caring for our 5 caterpillars and are delighted to announce that 2 of them have hatched into butterflies. We will be feeding our butterflies fresh flowers and fruit until they are ready to be released into our school garden. The pupils have been fascinated to apply their learning on the life cycle of a butterfly into a real life context by caring for some in our classroom.

Primary 2 red have loved learning through structured play. We have been writing our own ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ stories, designing our own parks at the drawing station and reading animal and Percy the Park Keeper stories with our friends in the reading corner. Lots of the children also enjoyed finding the largest parks in the world using the i-Pad and our globe.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Football Skills Festival at Riverbank and would like to thank the Russell Anderson Development School for putting on a fantastic event in the sunshine. It was lovely to see lots of parents coming along to support.