P1 blue class news.

It has been lovely having the children back ready to learn after their Easter holiday. We are very lucky to have Miss Steedman, our student teacher, working with us  until Friday 11th May.

We had a very special assembly at the start of term where I had the very difficult job of choosing 4 children to give a certificate for excellent achievements in Primary One. We were all very proud of the 4 members of our class who got certificates.


Over the next few weeks the children will be learning the sounds ph (as in phone or photograph), ee, oo and ck. The children enjoy playing games together in order to learn their sounds.


The children are working very hard to use their knowledge of phonics in order to help them to write. We are learning to develop our imaginations and guess what might happen next in a story. Last week we had lots of interesting ideas about how to help to stop a troublesome goose in the story “Goose on the loose“.


We enjoyed having P2R come and read us some stories last week!

The children are continuing to learn about numbers. We have been thinking about numbers before, after and in between, in the sequence of numbers 1-20.

For the last 2 weeks the children have been learning about fractions. They have been finding halves and quarters of shapes. The children enjoyed using the sand trays to draw squares, rectangles and triangles. They then had to draw a line to split the shape in half.


Next week they will also learn to share materials into groups equally in order to find halves of numbers. The children will also learn to double numbers.






This term the children are going to be learning about farms. The children have been thinking about what they know about farms and have been generating questions that they want answered during the project. For the next few weeks we are going to be learning about farm animals before going on to learn about planting and growing.

We worked in groups to draw a big picture of either the countryside or the city. We spoke about the differences between the city and the countryside.

Last week we went on a special animal hunt in the garden. We had to search in the garden for lots of animals and then decide whether they were a farm animal or not. We also spent time in the garden learning about living and non-living things.


Last Thursday we had a very special delivery of some caterpillars! We are looking forward to watch our caterpillars grow, go in to their chrysalises and then become butterflies!


Our caterpillars have got so much bigger in just a week! We are going to draw pictures to show each stage that our caterpillars go through.

Health and Wellbeing
We are continuing to encourage good friendships between the children and the importance of being kind and gentle with one another.

During our drama lessons with Mrs Hutton, we have been continuing our learning about how to be a good friend.


During our farm project we will be learning about where some of our food comes from. We will also be learning about having a healthy diet.

We are enjoying taking advantage of the better weather and having our P.E lessons outside. Thank you for sending your child to school with a P.E. kit and removing earrings on Wednesdays and Fridays.



Thank you for returning permission slips for our swimming lessons at ASV.

We love using the ipads in the classroom. We use them to take photographs of our learning and to play special maths games.

We have enjoyed learning to program directions into a moving robot using special beebots. Using our special map of Old Aberdeen, we tried to make our robots travel from St Peter’s School, all the way round Old Aberdeen and back to school. It was lots of fun!