Merry Christmas from Primary 1 Blue

Primary 1 blue have been very busy during December.

We started the month by visiting the Central library in town. The children listened to some stories from the librarian and then got to cast their votes for their favourite Bookbug book. It was lots of fun posting the votes in the special voting box.

During engineering week we were learning about the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We became agricultural engineers and learned about how oats grow. We became materials engineers and enjoyed using feely bags to describe what we could feel. We thought about what the bear’s bowls were made out of. We became design engineers and created our own fun gardens for Baby Bear to play in. When we were civil/structural engineers, we got to go and create own own bear dens! We made a girl’s den and a boy’s den out of the loose parts materials. It was lots of fun being engineers for the week.

We have been very busy learning about advent and the Nativity story. We made our own collage art to represent part of the nativity story. We have been busy acting out the story in our class and sequencing pictures to show that we know what happened during the Nativity.

We were very busy all term preparing for the Nativity show, “Children of the world”. Primary 1 blue’s country was China. We enjoyed learning to say some things in Mandarin, write some numbers, look at where China is in the world and learn about the Chinese flag.

I was very proud of all the children during the show. They sang and spoke so well to such a big audience!


I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays.
Miss MacDonald.