Primary 2 Red

Happy New Year to all and welcome back after the holidays!

We have been celebrating Scots language in honour of Robert Burns. A famous Scottish cartoon character called Oor Wullie has joined Primary 2 Red to help us learn some interesting Scottish words!

Oor Wullie


Writing opportunities link to Oor Wullie. The children will be creating a character file of Oor Wullie, cartoon strip and their very own Scots dictionary. Phonics, spelling, grammar and reading continue weekly.



ow (cow)      ou (found)      igh (night)         y (fly)


Spelling Words

round     found     wish     men      who      after     hand     right    fly     bring     Mr.     two


Children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and they have created interesting tiling patterns too! We have covered area and used lots of objects to measure the area of items. Primary 2 Red will be learning about grid references and positional vocabulary (such as left, right, backwards, forwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise). We will also be learning about money (coins, notes, money addition, giving change) later on in the term.



Health and Wellbeing

In January we are focusing on the importance of being active. Primary 2 have learned a Scottish dance called the Virginia Reel for our ceilidh. We will also be learning about the importance of exercise and ways we can keep fit and healthy.


Please ensure your child has their gym kit with them at school. Could you please make sure school reading books, book bags and reading records are at school every day. We encourage you to provide a healthy snack for your child to eat at break time (fruit or vegetables).