P3/4 2018

P 3/4 Start of Term 3

A belated Happy New Year from P3/4! This is what we have been up to so far, written by Olivia, Mati, Michelle, Nicole and Miss Bennett .


Written by Mati and Olivia.

Our topic this term is “Homes through the ages”.

So far we have built homes for sale and we learned about Skara Brae. The houses we built were from paper and shapes. We made adverts to get people to buy our houses. This was persuasive writing. We learned that a long time ago they didn’t have houses that look like ours.

We look forward to learning about the different types of houses around Aberdeen and designing houses of the future.


We have been learning about shapes and numbers and place value. Some of us looked at angles (acute, obtuse and right) . In mental maths we learned about using the “compensation” strategy. We were rounding numbers to do this. If we want to add 28 + 63, we start with the biggest number (63). We round 28 to 30.     63 + 30 = 93. Then we adjust our answer. We added 2 to 28 to make 30 and so now we need to take the 2 away. 93 – 2 = 91.        28 + 63 = 91.


Written by Mati, Nicole and Michelle.

We learned the poem “Mince and Tatties” and created our own tartans. We did ceilidh dancing with the P3’s and we said our poem at the end of our turn in the presentation to families. The others were very good at their dancing as well!



Written by Nicole and Michelle.

We made houses with shapes, tall houses and long houses. We went on the computer and looked inside houses and checked houses for sale. We wrote notes down in our writing jotters and made our own ‘For sale’ sheets. We also wrote in our jotters about our houses and compared them to the houses in Skara Brae.

We have been learning from books and using our First Minister’s Reading challenge books to review the book out of 5 stars. If we want to take the book home, we scan it on Junior Librarian, scanning the number on the book.


With Mrs Jadid we used our technology skills to design and build our own dog houses while reflecting on the work of the different types of engineers. We also learned the science behind the “Super Blood Wolf Moon”.


We have been working through our “I Belong” books where P3’s have been reflecting on and P4’s have been revising the love of God and His forgiveness.

Written by Nicole and Michelle.

We have been enjoying our “I Belong books” because we talk about healing ourselves and saying sorry if you hurt someone. We like to learn about Jesus and where he has been.


So far we have focused on Nurture from the SHANARRI wheel where we reflected on the needs of babies and how this compares to our needs now. We enjoyed looking at baby photos of our classmates and some of our teachers and working out who is who!