Aberdeen Go Fun Run

Well done to all the St Peters pupils from P4-7 who took part in Aberdeen’s Go Fun Run.  Everyone took part enthusiastically and had a great day. Here they are before the run.


There was a fun dance warm-up with all the other schools who took part. Then each class was called and led to the starting line.

Everyone headed off for the run, while teachers and our parent helper cheered them on and waited patiently at the finish line where everyone got a High 5 from sprinter Zoey Clark and the Fun Run mascot as they  completed the 2km run.


Each school got to choose one volunteer to ask Zoey a question. We learned that she did not start running until she was 15 years old. She also encouraged everyone to give everything they do their best attempt at it.

Thank you to Mrs Simpson and Mrs McKinlay and our lovely parent helper for coming with us on the trip.