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Debate Club

Week 1 of Debate Club was a great success. Pupils shared and supported their opinions with explanations in hope of persuading their peers when it came to a final vote.

Debate club will continue this Wednesday for Primary 6 & 7.

The debate schedule is as follows:

Week 2 – 13.11.19 Buses should be free for anyone in full-time education.
Week 3 – 20.11.19 Animals should not be used for entertainment.
Week 4 – 27.11.19 Learning to type is more important than improving handwriting.
Week 5 – 4.12.19 No Debate Club
Week 6 – 11.12.19 Pupil Choice : TBA
Week 7 – 18.12.19 No Debate Club

If you are interested or would like to know more, see Miss Bennett.