P3 Blue Term 3 Summary

Here are some of the things P3 Blue have been up to during the term.


We have been learning about castles and Towerhouses of Aberdeenshire. We explored Old Aberdeen as part of our topic. We visited Seaton Park to explore the “motte” there and on the way looked at the palace gates of the old Bishop’s Palace. We also took a look at Sir Robert Keith’s house and sketched the building with charcoal.

We learned about the history of Castles. Ask us about “Broch”, “Hillfort”, “Motte & Bailey”, “Stone Keep” Dunnottar, Drum or Crathes Castles.


This term we revised symmetry, we used the words “mirror line”, “reflection” and “line of symmetry”.

We also learnt about non-standard and standard units of measure with Mr Watson. We used rulers and metre sticks to measure objects and shapes in centimetres.


As part of World Book Day we had some storytelling from Grace Banks. We also took part in ‘Authors Live’ with Michael Rosen. We have been practising our note-taking skills as part of topic when we have been learning about different castles. We explored what “key word” means and how to use bullet points. We explored “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers and how the author and illustrator used punctuation and colour to make us feel.We reflected on how we could use this in our own writing – ask us about “metalinguistics”. We created characters to take part in our stories.


During French we have been learning colours and in Mandarin we have been learning about fruits. We enjoy our active lessons with Maia.


This term we finished our preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We explored the importance of preparing with an examination of conscience and how to do this using the commandments to guide us. We started the season of Lent and explored how this is a time to “prepare” and we thought of our own ways to “prepare” and “turn over a new leaf”.

Home Learning

We have ended the term with learning from home. We have enjoyed making the most of Google Classroom and now appreciate the lessons we had in class to learn about Google! Some of us have been creating Rainbows to spread joy and to keep us hopeful and bright. Here are some of the things we have been learning and doing with our families so far. I think you are all doing a super job P3! Thank you to your families for supporting you to complete all these activities!

Keep safe,
Miss Bennett