P2 class news.

P2 have had a very busy few weeks.

In maths we have completed a unit of learning about measurement. We have had lots of fun learning to use rulers to measure things in centimeters. We loved learning the tricky words “perimeter” and “area” and we enjoyed working these out, both inside and outside. Last week we enjoyed playing safely in the water tray to learn about volume. We thought Miss MacDonald was doing a magic trick when she managed to fit the same amount of liquid into different sized containers!

For the next two weeks we will continue to learn about numbers. We have started learning how to work out “missing number” sums using our individual boxes of numicon. It is a bit tricky but we are trying hard.

We have enjoyed revising sounds that we were taught in P1 and have now begun to learn some new sounds. Last week we learned the sounds “ee” and “oo”, we loved creating pictures for the classroom wall to remind us of words which contain the new sounds.

Talking and listening.
We continue “I see, I think, I wonder” lessons to help develop our listening and talking skills. Last week we spoke about a photo which was somewhere Miss MacDonald would love to visit, a huge magical library. We spoke about what kinds of stories we thought would be in the library and then spent the afternoon writing our own books. Some of us asked Miss MacDonald if we could record each other reading our books. It was lots of fun becoming authors for the day.

We love getting to vote for the stories that Miss MacDonald reads us each day. We have enjoyed listening to lots of stories this term. We are getting really good at using our skills of prediction to decide what might happen next in a story. We had lots of fun on Thursday drawing a picture of what we thought would happen next in a story about dragons. We then showed our pictures to our classmates and told them what we thought was going to happen next. Some of us got pretty close to what actually happened in the book!

Health and Wellbeing.
We have continued to learn about our emotions and who can help us when we are not feeling too good. We spoke about how our friends can help us to feel happy, loved and calm in school. Last week we thought about how people in school can help us when we are feeling sad or angry. We spoke about who we can talk to if we are needing help with something, and that Miss MacDonald, Mrs Canilang and Mrs Du Filipi are always there to help us in school.

Thank you NHS.
We were very excited a few weeks ago when Miss MacDonald told us that a special aeroplane from long ago was going to fly over all the hospitals in Scotland with a special message for the NHS. We spoke about the members of our family who work for the NHS and the hard job that they have had to do recently. Unfortunately the aeroplane was 10 minutes earlier that we expected it to be and so we didn’t see it. We could hear it clearly from the classroom though, we were surprised how different it sounded to modern planes.
We decided to draw our own pictures of the aeroplane to say a big “Thank you” to everyone in the NHS who always work extremely hard but who have found it very difficult this year.
As we hadn’t seen the actual aeroplane we looked at a photograph of it. We spoke about the fact that they had spelled “you” wrong on the aeroplane, but decided that they did that because there wouldn’t have been enough space on the plane. We wrote the special message exactly the same on our own aeroplanes.

The garden.
We have spent a lot of time in our school garden over the last few weeks. We love going out there almost every day and we are learning how to take care of it. We have enjoyed starting to sweep some of the Autumn leaves that have begun to fall from the trees in order to keep the garden tidy. Last week we decided to use one of the tyres to make “Dino land”, we all worked together to fill the tyre up with soil from other parts of the garden (we loved digging holes in the bottom of the garden!). The Primary 1 children dug up some special grassy plants for us to plant in the tyre. On Friday afternoon we worked really well together to plant the plants and decide what we needed to include in Dino land. We are looking forward to using Dino land in our learning, and have already thought of a special thing we can do with it over the next couple of weeks…watch this space!

As we use the garden almost daily with our learning, please can your child have a jacket with them every day. The weather in Aberdeen is so changeable that even if it looks warm and sunny in the morning it may cool down later in the day.

Father Gabor.
On Thursday we had a very special virtual visit from Fr Gabor. We enjoyed interacting with him on the whiteboard and, with the P1 and P3 classes, listened carefully to a story he was telling us. We learned that it is ok to make mistakes and do things wrong, but that we must always be honest.

Thank you for all your support this term. Please see the Googleclassroom for details about how to log in to “rising star reading” for you to do reading with your child at home.
Have a lovely October holiday when it comes in two weeks.
Miss MacDonald.