A very fast first term in Primary 1 :)

Well done to all the Primary 1’s and their grown ups as we approach the end of their first term in Primary School. All the boys and girls have done so well adapting to the new normal routines at school. We are all very proud of them. Here are some photos of our work from the past few weeks. We have enjoyed lots of learning both indoors and outdoors this term.

Playing in Dino-Land created by the Primary 2’s.

We enjoyed reading the story ‘Stick Man’ and making our own Stick men and ladies outside in the school garden. We also have been listening to ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ stories and we all worked together to make our own Gruffalo as one of our morning tasks in the sandpit. We also had some conkers in one of the trays in our classroom and learned that they come from the horse chestnut tree. We hope that Miss Rynne collects some more over the holidays and teaches us some conker games from when she was in Primary school!

We have celebrated a few birthdays in P1 this term. We have also tried to learn how to say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Polish with the help of our classmates who speak Polish at home.
Primary 1 have liked having books in our Literacy corner and also enjoy listening to stories on the whiteboard at snack time.

In Maths we have been learning about number formation and counting to 10. We have enjoyed listening to Mrs Craig number stories and know all of her actions for the numbers 0-9. Ask us about them when you see us and we will show you. We also like using our magic fingers to make the numbers in the air as well as using our whiteboard pens and also working on counting and number formation in our little workbooks.

Thank you all for a great first term in Primary 1. I wish you all a lovely October break and look forward to sharing some more learning and fun in P1 from the 26th Oct onwards.

Miss Rynne 🙂