P2 class news

P2 have been very busy over the last few weeks.

In maths we have been learning about data handling. We enjoyed going out to the front gate to learn to make tally marks correctly by counting the types of traffic we saw going past. We have done lots of graph work about our two special Bookbug books.

Next week we will create our own surveys and create tables and graphs from the information we gather.

Reflective reading.
Last week we read chapter 2 of “The Owl who was afraid of the dark”. This chapter was called “Dark is kind”. We thought about the sorts of kind deeds that we can do to help others out and we linked this to our topic work about Ramadan.

This week Chapter three was “Dark is fun”. In this chapter, Plop meets a boy Scout who is minding the campfire. We went out to the garden and used our problem solving skills in groups to make our own campfires.

We then came up with our own special campfire story to tell everyone else. It was great fun listening to each other’s campfire stories.

Book Week Scotland.
This week has been Book Week Scotland. We have enjoyed listening to, reading and writing books this week.

We have been very busy learning about our two special Bookbug books; “How many trees” and “Rocketmole”

How many trees?
In the story there is a debate between the animals about how many trees make a forest. We went out to the garden to count how many trees are in the garden. We counted 40 trees but decided that that wasn’t enough for a forest.

We chose the animal that we thought had the right answer and drew a picture of it in the garden. We loved thinking about the big numbers.

At the end of the story two seagulls wonder whether the seed or the tree came first. We had a discussion about this and then decided for ourselves. We made a graph of our choice and were able to talk about what the graph showed.

In the story a mole decides to build a rocket to visit the moon. We pretended to be interviewers and came up with lots of questions that we wanted to ask the mole when he got back from space. Then we took it in turns to pretend to be Rocketmole and answer our questions. The children did a super job of thinking like Rocketmole.

We used the information from the book, and from our question session, to write newspaper articles about the mole visiting the moon.

At the end of the story, the mole decided to take his friends to lots of interesting places around the world. We used our tally mark making skills to create a tally chart of which of the places we would like to visit with the mole.

We also decided to write our own books about going on an adventure with Rocketmole. We are very proud of our books.

Our spiritual world.
Last week we were learning about the period of Ramadan and the festival of Eid in Islam. We learned that, during Ramadan, people try to do lots of kind deeds for other people. We also learned that Eid is a very important family celebration for Muslims. We looked at lovely Islamic patterns and created our own beautiful prayer mats for the wall.

This week we were learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We loved learning the story of Rama and Sita. We learned about what people do to celebrate Diwali. We enjoyed creating our own Rangoli patterns in the playground and did a great job of making them detailed and trying to include symmetry in our designs.

Next week we will be learning about the Jewish festival of Hannukah before going on to learn about Advent and Christmas later in the term.

Thank you for sending indoor shoes in so that the children can change when they come inside from their outdoor learning.