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April news in P2.

It was so lovely to see the children back in school after the Easter holidays.

We have been enjoying the warmer weather through lessons in the garden.
In maths we are learning about time. We had lots of fun making a class clock, using big sticks as the hands of the clock. We then went on clock hunts in the garden. We had to find each analogue clock, read the time, and write down the digital time. We had so much fun searching for all the clocks in the garden.

Some of us have been learning about magic “e” and that it turns the “i” sound into the “I” sound. We had lots of fun using chalk and water in the garden, when we painted over our chalk letters with water…they disappeared like magic!

We have time to learn in the outdoor garden, or the playground, every day. Thank you for sending your child to school in suitable clothing.

James and the Giant Peach
Our class novel this term is “James and the Giant Peach.” We love the story so far. Each week we read 4 chapters of the story and do a range of activities based on what we have read.
After reading about Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, we used our knowledge of adjectives to make character descriptions of each of the Aunts.
We have been writing and drawing our predictions about what we think will happen next in the story.

Our school topic this term is “Our common world”. P2 are learning about food sustainability. We will be learning about where our food comes from, how it grows, how to eat healthily and how to avoid food waste.

Last week we planted our own seeds. We are growing peas, radishes, lettuce and broad beans. We love watering the plants and can’t believe how tall they have grown so far. Later in the term we should be able to taste the food that we have grown in the class.

Log into Education City. In the classwork section there are games that have been assigned to your child for maths and phonics.
On the Rising Star reading website there are books assigned to your child which are at their reading level. The log in details for rising star and education city are the same.
Spelling words will start to be sent home again on googleclassroom next week. If your child has finished their home learning jotter, please send me a message on googleclassroom so that I can send a new one home. Thank you.