Laudato si – Primary 6

This term, the whole school has been focusing on “Laudato si” and how we can look after our common home. We have been focusing on Litter and Waste management.

As a class, we created our own action plan, outlining goals we want to achieve by the end of Primary 6 and how we hope to achieve it.

Some of things we have been working on are

  • Creating persuasive posters asking people to look after our common home.
  • Tidied and cleared the garden area outside Mrs Martin’s window and worked with Mr Campbell to create a plan of what plants and flowers we intend on planting there.
  • Created a poster explaining items which can and cannot be recycled within our classroom.
  • Trying to stop our class using as much single use plastic and encouraging people to use reusable bottles. If we are using single use plastics, we are remembering to recycle them to allow the plastic to be reused for another purpose. We completed a survey on how many pupils have started using reusable bottles since our topic began and there has been a huge increase.
  • We created a pie chart to show what kind of items have been recycled in our class this week. We are planning to do this each week and hopefully show how we are recycling more and more!

P6 has been very hands on with this document and we look forward to reporting back on the progress we make with our action plan.