P4 2021-2022

Our learning in November.

November was a very busy month in our class. We took part in many interesting and exciting activities.  

In November were learning about Remembrance Day. We read a poem In Flanders Fields and found out that Remembrance Day commemorates everyone who died during wars. It’s celebrated on 11th November because that’s the date when the peace was signed after the First World War-at 11 o’clock on 11 November 1918. We also made a Remembrance Day display in our class

During Health and Wellbeing lessons we were developing our  fine motor skills when using cooking utensils and kneading.

During our topic lessons we were learning who an entrepreneur is, we were watching a Shark Tank to see some examples.We spoke about skills required for different jobs. We also worked in groups to advertise products designed and invented by us. We had a chance to see the Fire and Rescue, the fire engine and the equipment they use when responding to emergency situations.

Helping the firemen was very exciting!!!


During numeracy lessons we were learning to calculate the amount of money spent in a shopping situation. We were also using chimney sums and our mental agility skills to calculate change.


November is also the month when we celebrated All Saints Day and All Souls Day. We spoke about ways in which those days are celebrated in different countries. We were also using our listening and note taking skills to collect information about Saint Francis. We found out many new things about his life. Did you know that St Francis set up the first Nativity scene to celebrate Christmas, and it was in 1220? Did you know that at the end of his life he received the stigmata? We learned what that word means.


During literacy lessons we were using our imagination to describe different settings. We were collecting ‘wow’ words to use in our descriptions.