P6 2022-2023

Happy Christmas from Primary 6

It has been a busy term 2, seeing the return of performances.


We have been preparing the way for Christmas during the period of Advent, using the Jesse Tree to help us understand Jesus and the Christmas story.

We have had both Norse Myths and Performers and Performances Contexts this term. Here is what a few pupils had to say:

Michelle – We were performing some of the stories we learned about Norse Myths and also the poem.
Ini – I also liked performing to the parents so that they could know what we had been learning about in Norse Myths.
Nmesoma – We sang the songs for Aladdin Trouble.
Sophia – It was really fun working as a whole school to create a performance of Goldilocks and the three bears.

We have continued learning about Nurture on the SHANARRI wheel, focusing on Friendship and what it takes to make and sustain healthy friendships.

In P.E we have been focusing on Football skills and maintaing fitness. We loved our Winter Wonderland Active Adventure Day!


We have been working with numbers including decimal fractions to solve problems relating to the four processes: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Our taught writing has been linked to our IDL learning. Here is what few pupils had to say:

Valerio – I liked writing poetry and the recount of the Norse Myths performances.

Libby – I liked writing the recount about Aladdin Trouble.

Lena – We did poetry about alot of Norse Myths like Yggdrasil, Thor’s hammer and other things. My poetry got onto star writer.

Miss Bennett and Primary 6 wish you a wonderful Happy Christmas!