P2 2023-2024

End of term 1 in P2

P2 have had an excellent first term in P2.

During our first writing block we were learning to write non-fiction books. We wrote books about our families, and how to play team games in P.E.. We were successful in remembering to include a title for our book, the author’s name on the front and facts inside.

This term we have also been learning to write instructions. Linked to our IDL “inventors and inventions” topic, we have been writing instructions to explain how to work new inventions. We have been learning to write our instructions in order, number them and take a new line for each instruction.

We have been developing our reading skills through our reading lessons.

This term in maths, we have been learning about numbers to 100. We have enjoyed singing songs about counting in 10’s. We have used Numicon and tens and units materials to represent numbers to 100. We have been skip counting in 10’s (24, 34, 44…etc) to learn that when we count 10 more, we keep the units number the same and add one more ten. We have been partitioning numbers into their tens and units values to make number sentences (78 = 70+8).

In our shape lessons we have been learning to identify the corners, sides and angles of 2D shapes.

We had lots of fun during Maths week.

Health and Wellbeing.
In Health and Wellbeing, with Mrs Kelman, we have been learning to stay safe and healthy. We learned about dangers in the house, how to store food safely and demonstrated how to wash our hands correctly.

IDL – We belong in St Peter’s school.
Our focus for this context was the book “Our class is a family”. You can listen to the story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw9NstM1Q4E . During this context we learned about why we are each unique and special. We enjoyed a special workshop from Charlie House and learned how we can support and help people with disabilities. We loved making banners and flags in order to participate in the St Peter’s school parade.

IDL – Inventors and Inventions.
We have begun our 2nd context for learning, Primary two are focusing on “Designs for the future”. During these IDL lessons we are working in special “Co-operative learning groups”. We had lots of fun designing special features for a car of the future. We also created inventions to make a job easier. The doctor group created a Robot Doctor who could scan patients to see what was wrong with them instantly. The teacher job created a campervan classroom which could go anywhere in the world that the class are learning about. The chef group created a pizza robot who could instantly create any pizza and deliver it to you. The Firefighter group created a fire airplane which could shoot water at fires to put them out. The final group was the Police group, they created a teleporter which could teleport police officers straight to criminals so that they could be arrested. We love presenting our ideas to the rest of the class, the group leader gets to wear the special inventor “bright idea” hat.