P2/3 2023-2024

Welcome back to Term 2 – P2/3

We hope you have enjoyed the October holidays and welcome you back to P2/3’s website page for Term 2. There will be lots happening this term, where we will be continuing our IDL context for learning (Inventors and Inventions) before moving on to St Peter’s Arts festival. The children have been busy creating inventions, which they will be going onto make and take to our own St Peter’s Dragon’s Den! On the 14th of November, parents will be invited into classes to see their child’s inventions at 2:30pm.

Please take a look below to see what learning experience will be taking place during the next Context for Learning.

Some of the planned activities in P2/3 include:

Rehearsing our songs and roles for the Nativity – Shine Star Shine, making Christmas crafts and a class advent calendar, using drama to deepen our understanding of Jesus and King Herod, a class trip to Seaton park – including planned outdoor learning opportunities

Accessing Homework

Information on homework for each child will be shared on Google Classroom.

Literacy – Online reading books that correspond with the book being read in class can be accessed here: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Online phonics videos are shared on Google Classroom.

Numeracy – Maths homework is set on: https://go.educationcity.com/

Weekly learning will be shared at the end of the week on Google Classrooms.

Please let the class teacher know if you are having problems accessing any of the above.


This term we will be learning to write imaginative and personal pieces. We will be continuing a story, writing our own stories; considering characters and setting, writing invitations to our Nativity and reflecting on how it felt to take part in a performance.


We will be continuing to build on whole number concepts within 2 and 3 digit numbers, including counting on from the biggest number, various addition strategies and completing missing number sums. We will be using concrete materials to support column addition and word problems.

We will also be moving on to 3D shapes, identifying and naming them as well as making connections between what we know already about 2D shapes. We will use shape to enhance our understanding of pattern and symmetry through lots of exploration and creation.

Additionally, we will begin learning about time. We will cover the days of the week/months and seasons, as well as learning to understand analogue and digital time.

Health and Wellbeing

Achieving and Nurturing – we will be learning to understand that through perseverance we can improve our skills and discussing our families/friendships. Through the Roots of Empathy programme we will also be covering a variety of themes through sessions with Mrs Kelman and visits from our tiny teacher – Baby Juliet. These themes will include

  • Crying 
  • Emotions
  • Sleep
  • Communication

RADS takes place on Tuesday afternoons and P.E takes place on Wednesday afternoons. This term we will have 2 four week blocks focusing on Hockey and Circuits.