Primary 4 news, November

It has been a busy term so far in Primary 4 and the boys and girls have been working very hard.


During this term, the children have covered a wide range of writing genres including instructional writing, letter writing and imaginative writing.

In phonics, we have looked at the ‘oe’ and ‘oo’ phonemes and we have been identifying words that have these sounds.

In spelling, we have practised a range of strategies such as Elkonin boxes and Diacritical marking, along with using our knowledge of phonics to help us spell tricky words.

Education City has some great activities to help with our spelling words. All children have their usernames and passwords in their homework jotters.

Miss Jo has been teaching us Mandarin this term and Primary 4 have learned some great songs and made some beautiful artwork in these lessons while learning new vocabulary in Mandarin,









We have been working hard in maths lately. We are just finishing our time topic and are moving on to information handling. For some extra practice, the children can use the Education City resource at home.

In mental maths, we have been consolidating our times tables. Any extra practice that can be done at home would be great!


Our topic so far in Primary 4 has been all about contrasting environments, focusing on “The Rainforest” and “Polar regions”. The children have been very enthusiastic in learning about these contrasting areas and have produced some great work, both at home and in school.


We were very lucky to have Mrs Jadid come in and do some science experiments, based on snow, ice and glaciers. We had great fun being scientists and discovered lots of wonderful facts about polar weather conditions.



The boys and girls in Primary 4 have beautiful singing voices. In term one, we had singing lessons with Mr Thomson and learned lots of new songs as well as lots of musical vocabulary such as tempo and dynamics. In term 2, the boys and girls have been learning the words to our pantomime, “Aladdin Trouble” as we will join all P4, P5 and P6 pupils to form the choir in our Christmas show.


In gym this term, we have been developing our volleyball and table tennis skills. Please have gym kits in on a Monday for lessons with Mrs Armstrong.

The primary 4 children have just completed 12 weeks of swimming lessons! They should be very proud of their achievements.

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We also had a great day at the ASV doing some Funfit activities!

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss McLoughlin and primary 4