Primary 1 blue news.

We have been very busy in Primary 1 over the last few weeks.

We have now learned about all the individual sounds in the alphabet. The children are beginning to learn about two letters which come together to make a sound. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the sounds sh, th, ch and ng.
The children have been enjoying learning to blend three sounds together to make words. They have been making words using magnetic letters or writing them on whiteboards.

We have just finished a unit in maths on data handling. The children enjoyed making human graphs and pictograms to show their hair colour, favourite fruit and how they travelled to school. They were able to talk about, and answer questions about the graphs.


We are moving on to learning about money. The children will do lots of different activities to learn to identify all the different coins from 1p – £2. They will then use different combinations of coins to pay for items up to 10p.
We will be turning our house corner into a shop to help the children to practise using money during their choosing time.


Health and Wellbeing.
In our P.E lessons, we enjoyed learning to ceilidh dance with the older pupils. The children showed their learning of the dances in our own P.E lessons, as they were able to do the dances without any help from the older children.
In our P.E lessons with Mrs Armstrong on Wednesdays, we are learning about gymnastics. We have been learning about different shapes that our bodies make and different ways of rolling.

The children have been enjoying learning about the Winter Olympics. We were talking about our favourite Winter Olympic sport and some of the children mentioned ice hockey. After they had explained to the class why they liked it, the rest of the class decided that they would like to have a shot at playing ice hockey. In our class P.E lessons we have been learning how to control a hockey stick using a beanbag as a “puck”. The children have been dribbling with the bean bag, passing to a partner and shooting at a goal.

The children are learning about road safety and the importance of Stop, Look, Listen and Think.

The children have been thinking and learning about Lent. We made Lenten promises which sit round our altar and remind us to be kind and helpful during Lent. On Thursday Fr Gabor will be coming in to talk to the Primary 1’s about Lent.


We are learning about what makes us special and unique children of God. The children have been enjoying circle time activities where they have been talking about what makes each other special. We have been thinking of things that we can do to show kindness to other people.

The children enjoyed learning all about Scotland. They are able to identify a map of Scotland and can show where Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow are on the map. The children performed an excellent play about the Loch Ness Monster during our special Scottish assembly. It was wonderful to see so many parents there to support the children. The children learned about the Scottish artist Steven Brown and then created their own versions of his McCoo painting using coloured pencils and wool.

Thank you for sending in your family “clan” crests. It was wonderful to see the things that are so important to your families.

We have now moved on to learning about Scotland long, long ago. We have been learning about what houses and streets looked like long ago. The children have enjoyed going for walks around Old Aberdeen and identifying things which are old and new. This has led to many very interesting discussions back in the classroom! The children have been making their own map of Old Aberdeen. They were able to place photographs onto the map to show the important places that we visited on the walk. They were then able to use the map to plot out where we walked. After our walk the children started to add some more features to the map. Some of the children enjoyed drawing cobbles on the old roads.

Last week we were looking at transport long, long ago. The children were learning about how cars and bikes have changed through the years.

This week we are learning about shops now and in the past. We will be going on to learn about the differences between toys now and toys long, long ago.

World Book Day.
The children had a wonderful day last week for World Book Day. They enjoyed dressing up as book characters and sharing their favourite stories with the class. During an assembly, the children were able to tell the other P1-3/4 children about which character they had dressed up as.


In the class we enjoyed reading “The tiger who came to tea”. After we had read the story, we had to sequence the story in order and write our own shopping lists to say what the family had to buy in the shops after the tiger had visited.