Primary 1 trip to Doonies farm and the release of our butterflies.

Primary 1 are having a wonderful time learning about farms.


Last week we had a visit from farmer Aylwin. She showed us lots of photographs of the animals in her farm. We loved hearing all her stories about what life is like on the farm and what she does to look after her animals.


On Friday we had a fabulous trip to Doonies farm. We had a tour of the farm from Farmer Alice. She taught us lots of things about the different animals. We had lots of fun feeding the animals!



For the last few weeks we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We loved watching our caterpillars eat and grow big. We were so excited to see 2 of the butterflies emerge from their crystalis’ at 9am last Monday morning! We have enjoyed feeding lots of different types of fruit to the butterflies, their tongues are so long! This afternoon we released them into the wild, some of us even got to hold one of the butterflies before it flew off.