November in Primary 2 Blue

Primary 2 Blue are looking forward to the new term and all the activities they will be involved in with the lead up to Christmas.


We learn a new sound each week and have common words which we work on every day at school and as homework tasks. This month we will be concentrating on:

ue – blue  best  number  other

aw – very  took  fast  there

oi – their  some  them  last

au – because  week  keep  when



Our main focus will be looking at time. We will be learning how to use a calendar to plan and be organised for key events. We will also be looking at analogue clocks concentrating on o’clock and half past. Fun Mental Maths games and activities will also be available for the children.

Image result for analogue clock face

Health and Wellbeing

This month we will be focusing on the ‘Achieving’ indicator from the SHANARRI Wheel, specifically looking at healthy lifestyles.



The children will be learning about life in Australia. We will be looking at the Australian climate, wildlife, Aboriginal people, cities and culture. Taught writing lessons will be centred around this topic. Children will be writing postcards, making tourist information leaflets etc.

Gentle Reminders

Gym lessons will be on a Monday and Wednesday. All children should have gym kit in school. For safety reasons earrings should not be worn. Please either remove them on gym days or cover with tape.

Please ensure that your child has their reading book with them on a daily basis. Groups are heard twice a week. However books are needed every day for reading activities.