Primary 1 news.

Primary 1 have had a lovely two weeks since the October holidays.

This is our Faith.
To celebrate All Saints we learned about our special school saint, St Peter. We love singing our song about St Peter and used this song to help to learn about his life. St Peter used to be a fisherman. Jesus told Peter to stop fishing and to help people to learn about Jesus instead. After Peter died God made him a Saint because he had done so many good things for God. St Peter was so special that God gave him the keys to heaven.

To help us to learn about St Peter we designed our own fabulous fish to remember that Peter was a fisherman.

We drew self portraits to remind us that Peter taught people all about Jesus, just like we learn about Jesus at St Peter’s School.

Finally, we made sparkly keys so that we can remember that Jesus gave St Peter the keys to heaven.


We have been very busy learning new phonics sounds. Since the holidays we have been learning the sounds r, m, d and e. We love using our new sounds to make words.

Every day we enjoy reading lots of stories.


In the next few weeks we will be learning the sounds c, k, ck, g and l.


In Maths last week we were learning about 2D shape. We had a great time going on a shape hunt in the playground, sorted shapes and made lots of interesting pictures out of shapes.

This week we have started to learn to add numbers together. We will continue to learn about addition within 10 for the next few weeks.


We have started to learn the songs for our Christmas Nativity, “Children of the world”. We are singing lots of songs together with the other P1-3/4 children but each class also has its very own special song to sing about a country. Primary 1 blue are singing a song about China and Primary 1 red are signing a song about Ireland.

We have been learning about magnets in science. We love using magnetic shapes to make things. We went on a hunt in the classroom to find things which are magnetic. We also had to sort objects into a group of magnetic things and non-magnetic things.


It was lovely seeing you all at Parents’ Night on Tuesday.
Thank you for all your support
Miss MacDonald and Miss Murray.