P4 2021-2022

Welcome to P4

It is amazing to see children back at school enjoying their new learning this term.

In Maths

We have been learning to read and write numbers in digits and in words. We have been practising sequencing and ordering numbers and learning about place value. We have also started rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

In Literacy

We have been working hard on developing our reading, writing and spelling skills. During our writing lessons we enjoyed creating recipes for chocolate cupcakes and then baking them in class. During grammar lessons we were learning about nouns and adjectives.

Heath and Wellbeing

We have been learning about children’s rights and preparing our class charter. We have also discussed the importance of talking about our feelings and who can we talk to when we need help. We recognised that our differences make us special and that everyone has different talents which they can use to contribute to our class and school community.

We have also enjoyed taking part in physical activities during RADS sessions and PE lessons.


During RE lessons we were discussing the importance of prayers which bring us closer to God. We have been practising singing hymns and saying Hail Mary prayer. We have also decorated our class altar and celebrated  the Feast of Assumption on August 15th.